Warring Kingdom

Created by Harry Gao

Warring Kingdom
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163 backers pledged $9,073.88 on Kickstarter

Challenge your friends over the supremacy of a broken kingdom! Introducing new, fun and exciting mechanics that bring combat to life.

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$9,073.88 / 163 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: November 2014
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"It takes a proven concept and enhances it to the point I wouldn't want to play some of the older more established games in its genre." -Let's Level Up

"This is what Dominion should have been like." - Today in Board Games

"[Warring Kingdom] is both familiar and unique, and has worked really hard to create a game that I really enjoy!" -Geeks Playing Games

"I can't speak enough praise about the battle mechanics. I love it so much"  --NVS

"Highly interactive and highly fun." -Today in Board Games

"Easy to learn and very enjoyable to play." -Convention Gamer

"I liked Warring Kingdom quite a bit.. and I really like the artwork in this game. Cannot state that enough!" - Bower's Game Corner

"A game surpassing classics in its field." -Slimgamer

"Warring Kingdom is not like most deck builders. Even after a dozen plays, there is still a lot more to uncover." BGG Reviewer

"Warring Kingdom has a plethora of strategies and tactics that will keep the game entertaining for a long time. " -Board Game Quest

"After playing Warring Kingdom I can't go back to Dominion."- Beta Playtester 

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KS Exclusive!
KS Exclusive!

A year ago, we set out to design a game that we would love to play. As gamers, we wanted a game that would be fun and deep, yet easy to pick up. We invented the unique battle mechanics that hinge on both preparation and luck, creating a one-of-a-kind deck building game. The result is Warring Kingdom!

Warring Kingdom is a 2-4 player game with direct player Vs. player combat. You will play the role of a disgraced Lord fighting others to usurp the Crown. You must balance economic development with military maneuvers. The end goal is to demonstrate supremacy over your opponents by defeating one of them; the first player to destroy an opponent's castle wins the game. 

We have an exciting combat system that brings epic battles to you in the form of cards. Over the course of your game, you will turn your meager city into a hotbed of economic and military activities, hiring soldiers, building siege engines, grabbing civilians and sabotaging your opponents. You will be immersed in the gaming experience as one of the remaining Great Lords caught in War for the Throne. Every game is 60 minutes of fast-paced, scream-out-loud fun!

Every decision you make will be meaningful. You will tailor your strategy to what's available and to others' actions, taking a different path each time you play.

Put on your helm, pick up your spear, and challenge your friends to duel over the Crown of Eastmore... in the WARRING KINGDOM!

An exclusive expansion adds much more flavor and strategy to the game! Here are few example cards from the expansion:

Sample cards from the expansion
Sample cards from the expansion

                              The expansion allows for even more strategic depth without complicating gameplay or introducing new rules. It offers even more replayability and tactical flexibility!

                              All additional artwork and setup are finished for the expansion; there will be no delay in shipping!

                              Want more stuff? Simply add the corresponding price to your pledge to claim your add-on! (int'l shipping additional)

                                                          Additional Copy ..........................................$35

                                                          Expansion ...................................................$13


                              Professional MtG style custom playmat designed to beautify and simplify the gaming experience. The mats will be 24 inches wide (60.96 cm) by 14 inches (35.56 cm) tall. 

                              Potential Design
                              Potential Design

                              Wall Paper ...................................................$5 

                              Get some beautiful and high definition background for your desktop!

                              We have created four 1080p wallpapers for $5 each. 

 Want to see Warring Kingdom in action? Check out the play through video!

Like Podcasts? Here's Warring Kingdom on DJ Grandpa's Crib

And here are what reviewers have to say about the game

"Warring Kingdom is a game that NEEDS to be funded. It takes a proven concept - like a deck builder - and enhances it to the point I wouldn't want to play some of the older more established games in its genre."

                                                                                       -- Rick, 

"It's a great combination of deck building and combat. As a fan of both deck building and player vs. player combat games, Warring Kingdom is an exciting find. The addition of dice adds just enough luck that it balances the game for those who don't enjoy matching wits quite as much as I do. But there is plenty of strategy, building and combat for those who do."             

                                                                                             --Lori, Geeks Playing Games

Warring Kingdom is a richly themed deck-building game with a lot of player interaction and a unique and interesting combat system. Replayability is very high and there is a great depth of strategies that players can explore for a long time to come. Warring Kingdom is easy to learn and very enjoyable to play. Both my 12-year old son and I thought Warring Kingdom was the best game we learned during TotalCon 2014.

                                                                                                    --Ed Murphy, Gamer

"I can't speak enough praise for the battle mechanics. I love it so much. It changes everything. For somebody who has his days of strategic thinking, and other days where I can't strategize to save my life, this gives me a break on my bad days, and make me work for it on the good ones."

                                                                                             --NVS, Kickstarter Preview

"Unlike some deck building games there is a lot of player interaction in Warring Kingdom. And, again, unlike some deck building games, the player interaction is perfect for the theme of the game. You genuinely feel like the Lord of the manor, sending your plebes out to do your dirty work. It is a fitting detail and it is fun!"

                                                                                               --Ben, Geeks Playing Games

Overall we really enjoyed Warring Kingdom once we got the hang of it. My friend (a very forward hater of Dominion) expressed “This is what Dominion should have been like”. That pretty well summed up the mood at the table. Warring Kingdom takes the basics of a deck-builder game and adds the player interaction that was sorely missing from the original batch of deck-builders.

                                                                                           --Roger, Today in Board Games

"Do you like the pure deck building mechanic of Dominion but find the minimal player interaction disappointingly lacking? Then get ready for Warring Kingdom."
                                                                                                        -- secoAce 

The game was a lot of fun to play. I enjoy the combat a lot in this game. I wasn’t sure how using dice to determine which columns attack would work, however, I was pleasantly surprised. 
This game is ideal for the veteran Dominion player that wants more direct player interaction throughout the game. Warring Kingdom has a plethora of strategies and tactics that will keep the game entertaining for a long time.

                                                                                         --Tyler, BoardGameQuest 

"I liked Warring Kingdom quite a bit. I liked how you are never quite sure what you are going to get.. unlike other deck building games."

                                                                                      -- Bower's Game Corner

"Warring Kingdom has depth
I recommend this game to anyone that is looking for a game with a good dose of deck building with a lot of player interaction, used in conjunction with tactical battles randomized through dice rolls. Even after a dozen plays, I feel that while I have a feeling for the game now, there is still a lot more to uncover."

                                                                                                    -- bbblasterfire 

If you are still hungry for more information you can check out our website or just ask us in the comments. We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible! You can find the full rulebook here.

We’re a small group of gamers that really enjoy tabletop gaming. We really love tabletop games like Innovation, Pandemic, Munchkin, and Mage Knight, just to name a few. 

Warring Kingdom has been play-tested, changed, play-tested, changed, over and over again. It is now ready for prime time! The art is complete. Local conventions love it. Manufacturers are ready and waiting. Now all we need is you!  


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